Hi, I'm Tamara!

I am a (former) neuroscientist, student aerialist, mixed media artist, (former) art teacher, and hobby photographer. I've just finished taking part in an internship in Petaluma, CA at Green String Farm. You can find more information about the internship on my blog and through the photo links above. My next stop is Cloudview Ecofarms in Royal City, WA. 

Prior to this, I lived in Philadelphia for a whopping 15 years after growing up just outside of the city. I graduated from Temple University with my B.A. in Biological Anthropology in 2007 and left my career as a research scientist in June 2015 to pursue my dream of working in a more creative/positive/nurturing field. Art and design are primarily hobbies, but I hope to apply them to future careers. 

I like:

  • Quantified Self (aka keeping data and statistics on my life and using them for self betterment). 
  • Mixed Media Art and Design 
  • iPhoneography (see all links above)
  • Positivity
  • Pro-actively working to make my life more productive to achieve dreams and goals
  • Running! I hated running most of my life and could never run a full mile without stopping until November 2015. Now at 31 years old I have fallen in love with running and am hoping to complete my first marathon by the end of 2016. 
  • Anything and everything Robert Creeley 
  • Aerial/Circus arts
  • Science Fiction (books, TV shows, movies, etc)
  • SPOTIFY! I am mildly obsessed with spotify and make new playlists almost every day! Click here to view my spotify profile.  (Alternatively take a peek at my last.fm to see what I am listening to).
  • This American Life - In June of 2013, I accomplished one of my biggest life goals of having a pitched story aired on This American Life episode #496 "This Week." It was the first time I submitted anything so to be successful on the first try was truly a dream come true (and I got to meet Ira!). You can hear my story here. (It's worth noting I submitted the story but my mother is the one interviewed and that the subject matter is somewhat dark, yet touching). I hope to submit more stories in the future. 
  • The Moth - It is another goal of mine to compete in a story slam at The Moth. 
I am inspired by:
  • Sarah Palmer - a (half)life-long friend and constant source of inspiration. 
  • Philip Samuel Martin - Documentary photographer and friend who inspires, encourages, and supports my creativity regularly. He shares a mutual understanding of the benefit of positive energy and outlooks on life. 
  • Jess S. - A friend and equally quirky soul. Jess is an independent contractor for various types of art, digitial, writing, hoop dance, and creative work. 
  • The Action Mill - a human based design firm focused on improving communication and decision-making about life, death, and dying.
  • Jen McCleary - Jen is a friend I met at the Philadelphia School of Circus arts, after finding out Jen was an artist I started following her work and have become a huge fan. I find her work really visually stunning and inspiring because she uses such different techniques than mine. She is also a huge source of inspiration for me at circus
  • Lisa Congdon - an extraordinarily talented artist I follow online who has inspired me to work towards my goals even if I am getting started somewhat later in life. 
  • Wendy MacNaughton - Wendy is an incredible artist, I discovered her illustrations on instagram and she has motivated and inspired me to teach myself line drawing and watercolors. 
  • 99% Invisible - This is an amazing podcast/radio show about design, architecture, and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. This show continuously inspires me to see design around me I may not have ever noticed before.