The Journals of George and Eva: 1898-1973

I have been an avid journaler for most of my life, filling in missing written years with 18 years worth of blog entries. Around 12-14 years ago my mother went to an estate sale and called me to tell me that a man was going to throw out all of his mother's journals. I hurried over and purchased the box for $10. I sifted through them but the material was dry and fairly boring. I'd peek at them every few years and they moved from apartment to apartment with me throughout college, but stayed primarily in storage until very recently.

In October of 2014, I dived back into these journals after mentioning them to a handful of friends. I was reminded once again of how dry the journal content was but upon making a catalog of the journals I discovered that they were not JUST Eva's, but also belonged to her husband, George. George's journals were even shorter and less detailed than Eva's leading me to believe perhaps she had nagged him into keeping one, but as I explored further I discovered that George was the original journal-er and Eva began once he stopped.

George's journals range from 1898 to 1935. Eva's begin in 1938 and go until 1973. I found some information on revealing that at some point someone sold at least one of George's journals on Ebay. Because of this it is unclear how many journals are missing and how they left the collection.

While researching I also discovered that it was not George and Eva's son who sold the journals, but it was he who possessed them and who's estate sale I purchased them from. It is still unclear who the man selling the journals is, perhaps more research will lead me to this information.

This section of the website will evolve and be updated as I scan or photograph the journal content and find out more information.